Acctionati , nu lasati pe ceilalti sa va hotarasca viitorul

Luati aminte ..iata ce poate face o simpla semnatura data din confortul casei tale …

Dear vasilescu,

Please allow this email to serve as a personal thank you! Thanks to the response from over 210,000 European Citizens, we now have an opportunity to make a difference.

As you may recall, the Belgian Parliament adopted a law that would extend euthanasia to children. As a pro-life platform this was deeply concerning to us, so together we launched into action. We knew that if we did nothing, the King would certainly sign the law. Over the last few weeks, we (the CitizenGO team) sent you „action alert” emails asking you to sign a petition to the King (of the Belgians) requesting that he indeed be brave by not giving his royal assent to this law. Thanks to you, within a short period of time, the petition went viral.

Due to this overwhelming response, we felt obligated to hand deliver the petition to the King or an available staffer. Members of the CitizenGO team thoroughly discussed it, and we knew that hand delivering the petition was the only way to make certain that your voice was heard!

On Thursday, February 28th, Alvaro Zulueta (CEO of CitizenGO) along with several others made the journey to Brussels, Belgium to deliver the petition to the King. At the palace of the King, Alvaro was met by police, which in a friendly manner accepted the petition on behalf of King Philippe. We now know: regardless of his decision, the King has taken your opinion into consideration.

At the gate of the palace, Alvaro was also greeted by reporters, which created amazing exposure in the Belgian and global media. Alvaro and the team used that opportunity to make certain that the Belgian people knew that over 210,000 stood with them against this law. News media from Belgium, throughout many other European countries, United States, and (even) Kuwait covered the story.

As we have said from the beginning, if we did nothing, King Philippe would simply sign the law. But now, because of your overwhelming response, we were able to do something. Together, we took the voices of citizens globally, into the King’s chambers. Within a few days, we should hear back whether he will take your advice or not.

Again, because I cannot say it enough, on behalf of the entire CitizenGO team, thank you!


Gregory Mertz and the whole CitizenGO team

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